Update on Ace….


It appears that the hospital removed the catheter today for Ace was wearing his jogging pants. The nurse stated that he had been in a better mood today but that his appetite was not as good as hoped. The doctor has ordered that they give Ace another IV for his skin was drying out due to the lack of water. The nurse stated that his virus appears to be letting up a bit for he was down to two bathroom episodes today. He was averaging around 7 or 8 a day. However he just ate two containers of chocolate ice cream before I arrived.

The nurse also told me that a speech pathologist worked with hm today but Ace denied that one did so. The nurse stated that Ace could vunderstand everything they told him but was still having trouble communicating his thoughts. The nurse also stated that she was unaware of any progress in locating a nursing home to place Ace but stated that it was not unusual to have an homeless person stay in the hospital for months at a time if an alternate place could not be located.  -update though my friend Mike Gordon