Cancer Update

It seems so wrong to discuss something as personal as cancer in a place as impersonal as the Internet but you should see what some people put on their blogs!  Anyway, yesterday was good news, more in a string of good news. 16 months after diagnosis, tests still show no evidence of melanoma outside of the eye.  Yesterday I had an Echocardiogram to check for heart damage caused by my chemotherapy, an MRI to check for evidence of melanoma tumors in the liver and a CT of the chest, to check for tumors in the lungs or chest cavity.  They were all clear, showing no problems.

So, I am at work every day, very much engaged in running Solid Earth and making sure that the new Spring MLS system is everything it needs to be.  I also have been keeping my local board commitments (I am on five local boards) so life is pretty normal. It’s just punctuated by these regular tests which will continue for another 20 months at least.

So, that’s the update, love you all and thanks for the well wishes and prayers.  If you are really really interested in making a difference in the disease, click here to donate.