Guest Post: Alberto Aguilar

Many things had happen this semester so far. I’m enjoying college every day more and more, but I am no only busy with school, Im also working in church and other extracurricular things.

Right now I’m taking many cool subjects in college like data bases and mobile application development, I am working on both iOS and Android Projects and its really awesome. I like this class a lot and I am learning cool things here. I also have a networking class, and what I am trying to achieve here is to get the first CISCO certification, I have to read a lot but I’m hoping to get the certifications by the end of this semester, It is a really good thing to have of you are on any IT mayor. I’m working on matlab too, for my numeric methods class which its interesting as well. I only have one and a half month left for this semester, i’m getting ready for finals next month.

I always like and want to serve in church. I have participated in many ways. The church that I go to its Shalom, this church its growing very fast, indeed we opened a mission on Blas Pascal. I worked with the kids ministry for the past three years at shalom, I’m on the team that do the service for the kids, I used to do that on shalom but now I’m doing it on the new mission at Blas pascal. we are 6 people on the team, and its going really well. Some sundays a lot of kids go but some others only like one or two, we have faith on God that more people start to going to this new church. I feel that is a blessing, I’m am thankful that god give me this opportunity. The church invited me to go to a Christian conference in North Point in Atlanta on spring, It’s to learn more about service, and it think its a really great think and that I can learn a lot from that, so I’m looking forward to go. It’s called Drive conference and it’s an event for church leaders.

We recently had an event here for parents and children, and I was part of the production team. Many blessings in this church.

On the beginning of september I worked for a week at a golf tournament part of the PGA Tour Latinoamerica at Yucatan Country Club. I was working with the logistics and production team. It was hard work but I had fun and I learned a lot about many things. It was a cool experience.

I’m very thankful with God for all the opportunities that he is giving me and my family, all the blessings He gives us and all the love that He show us everyday. I can’t be more happy with my family, friends and school.