Tent City Saturday

Hi folks. We’re headed out to Tent City again this Saturday morning. If you’d like to tag along please meet me at 113 Clinton Street downtown at 8AM and we can carpool, or you can follow me. It’s easy and a fun way to start your Saturday. Seriously, I know it does not seem like it would be but strangely, it is! If you’d like to bring something we could use C batteries, blankets, water (always), and any functional tents or tarps or other camping stuff would be great. We meet earlier in the morning at the Church and make breakfast so we’ll bring all that stuff. Let me know you’ll be there so I can tell the rest of the group.

Oh and there are a few safety rules. No kids younger than high school. Do not leave the group without an escort. Do not give out your last name and do not give anyone money. Do not give out your cell phone number or your home address. If someone asks for help, there are multiple agencies and ministries that already do a great job. See someone in the group for a list of local phone numbers and addresses. Women please dress modestly. That’s about all, it’s not as scary as it sounds. We’ll be done about 9 or 9:30AM.