Downtown Rescue Mission, an Appeal from a friend

I hope you don’t mind but I’m sending this email to my friends who might be interested in helping Huntsville’s rescue mission for the homeless. You may not be aware that I occasionally help the mission, most recently with a cameo appearance in a video promotion getting the word out. The video does a good job of explaining what the organization is all about.

I have visited the mission’s facilities numerous times and am very impressed with the leadership, the staff, their programs and the facilities themselves. Having said that, the mission has a serious problem with its HVAC system. It is 50+ years old and is on its last legs. The organization doesn’t have the funds required to replace the antiquated system. As we roll into the winter months you can imagine the concerns everyone has regarding giving the homeless a warm place to sleep and eat.

Here are some stats you may not be aware of:

* At times there are over 2,500 homeless people in Huntsville.
* The mission provides services to 75% of them during the year.
* It averages over 15,000 meals a month.
* That number swells during the winter.
* There are many “residents” who live there and are in recovery programs.
* Almost half of them are women and children.

A new HVAC system will cost $350,000. A specific funding campaign for this is now underway. As you might imagine there is a sense of urgency.

I am asking you to consider a donation. Faye and I will be doing so. If you know of anyone who might be interested please feel free to pass this along.
By the way, the donation can be cash or property like a car. The mission can convert the property into cash.

If you are interested in learning more and/or making a pledge, please contact Ted Bullock either by email or phone (256- 536-2441) who is responsible for this project.

Many thanks,


David Karabinos
President & CEO, PointClear Solutions
(256) 656-1099