What a week…

Had to write about an amazing week.  First on Monday Bill and I had a great trip to New York for Solid Earth to meet with the Manhattan Association of REALTORS.

Then on Thursday Ian Symmonds and the Randolph Phase II Team produced incredible plan for the future of the school.

Then, still on Thursday, a man who’d been an obstacle in the path of one of my projects called me on the phone and asked to come and see me! He was really nice, we talked and I hope, we reached a solution.

Then, still on Thursday, a summary of the Phase II plan was presented at the regular December Randolph Trustee meeting.

Then, on Friday I got my second MRI at Huntsville Medical Mall.  I get MRIs every 90 days for the next three years in an ongoing attempt to catch metastatic uveal melanoma before it spreads.  I should not get scans on Fridays because it takes too long to get the results.

Then on Saturday we went to the Derrick Street homeless camps and served breakfast with: Andrew Bevel, Melissa Hiley, Judy Howard, John Newton and Julie Fowler.  We saw a bunch of old friends and met Pete Bradway’s brother Mike.  I am not sure Huntsville is ready for two Bradways but here they are.  Tonight they are staying at a local motel until we can find a more permanent place for them.  Please pray for Pete and Mike.

Then on Sunday morning we got to go to church, take Pete and Mike to Tenders for lunch.  I got to talk to their Mom on the telephone and pray with her, for them.  Then, while we were home waiting to go pick-up D2 from the airport, I got an email from my doctor about my scan from Friday. He said it was all clear, no changes from the last scan.  That’s a huge deal for me and it makes me feel way better about the survivability of my disease.

Then we picked up D2 from the airport, put up the Christmas tree and made it to 6PM bible study, this week we wrapped up the year with a special fellowship at Mellow Mushroom.  Jesus drank beer I think. I hope he did anyway.

What a week!  I am so blessed!