Village Marketplace Inc is Open for Donations!!

We’ve been talking about this for a month but now we’re ready to get going on the new store.  The space is open and available to accept donations, just call me or post here and we’ll arrange to meet you at the store.  We have limited staff so the pickup and delivery schedule will be limited as well.  What do we need?  Let’s see…

  • Cleaning Supplies:  Mop bucket, brooms, paper towels, windex, swiffers, dusters, clorox, dishwashing liquid, laundry soap, dryer sheets, vacuum cleaner, 5-gallon buckets, wet vac, etc.
  • Small Appliances/Electronics:  Computer screens, iPads, iPods, iPhones, computers, kitchen equipment, stereo equipment, speakers, turntables, DVDs and DVD players, Victrolas, Walkmen, hairdryers, straighteners, boom boxes, vending machines, washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc.
  • Clothes:  Good condition pants, jeans, shirts, sweats, jackets, outerwear, sportswear, suits, pants, dresses, belts, ties (no underwear or swimwear).
  • Sporting Goods:  Balls, tarps, tents, stoves, lanterns, batteries, bats, hats, wickets, helmets, kurling stones, badminton rackets, darts, pogo sticks, swim boards, surfboards, bicycles, unicycles, bowling pins, shuttlecocks, tennis balls, etc.
  • Historic Huntsville:  Old photos, posters, vintage clothes, t-shirts, post cards, logo items, confederate material, evidence of yankee occupation, watercress, Von Braun’s neighbor’s memorabilia, shards of pre-NASA agrarian culture.
  • Housewares/ Furniture: Pots, pans, beds, dressers, tables, knick knacks, throw pillows, household items, lamps.
  • Jewelry: Costume, vintage, things you don’t think you’ll wear ever again, stuff you don’t want to the kids to get, anything gold or gold looking, or silver looking.

As you can see we need most everything, you can also see that we are going to have a good time with this new venture.  So far the Village Marketplace consists of Dusty and Tristan Graham, me and Julie, Luddy and Kevin from the street (they would not mind me saying that about them) and of course the first of our wonderful partners: Nancy Martin from Village Outreach, she’s been painting all day!  The other partners are also ready, Bobby Bradley from Village of Promise, Mark Stearns from Lincoln Village and Ann Marie Lang and Sakaneeh Bowden from First Stop are each walking through their Board’s approval process and will be officially joining before we open.  Oh yeah!  When do we open?

Opening day is scheduled for around July 1 but we will fill you in as we get closer.  So, if you have kids out of school and they need some work to do, or if you have a garage or basement full of stuff you don’t need, or if you have some time yourself to give back to your community, come on down!  We’re really having too much fun but it’s because we know we’re about to really help some pretty great people!  Post a comment here if you have something to add, we’ll contact you and get you connected.  – Matt


2 thoughts on “Village Marketplace Inc is Open for Donations!!

  1. Thanks so much Teek! I’ll be in touch offline!! You are welcome to use the store, or the school just north of the store. I am sure my friends at Lincoln Academy would want to help too. You guys are awesome!! Thanks to you too Kathy!!

  2. Matt,

    My name is Teek Patnaik & I work for Huntsville Hospital Marketing & Public Relations. I was given your contact information by Kathy Gladden who is with our cardiac staff at the Heart Center.

    Last September I was blessed with the opportunity to start up a new department for the hospital called the Mobile Medical Unit. Our mission with the Mobile Medical Unit is to provide free health education, awareness & screenings to the rural and underserved populations in and around Madison County.

    Since our department began last year we have hosted over 55 free health screenings in communities similar to Lincoln & screened over 3000 people. I currently provide free screenings for Manna House, Huntsville Assitance Program, Towns of Triana, New Market, New Hope, Hazel Green, & the North Huntsville area. I do not have a host location for the Lincoln community and I am actively seeking to secure one.

    Please let me know if any of this sounds interesting to you and if so I would love to come out and visit the Thrift Store, introduce myself in person & explain what Mobile Medical Unit can do in greater detail.

    Yours in Christ

    Teek Patnaik

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