New Board Post: The Village, Inc

Hi all, I have again demonstrating my inability to say no buy joining another local non-profit’s Board of Directors.  The Village is a homeless outreach agency I’ve been working with for about three years both in the field with their outreach staff and volunteers and on their website.  I built them a WordPress site at

The existing board members have all been there for years and have really done a great job keeping the organization going.  They were gracious enough to ask, and I think I can add to their group, so I agreed.  It is indeed an honor to serve.  I hope that in 2012 we can create a close partnership with the other agencies in our space.  Our goal is to fit ourselves into the existing continuum of care, filling in gaps where they exist.

If you are interested in the homeless, or in any aspect of working with the poor, please contact me or reply to this post!