Mac Update

Great news about Tim, or Mack as we know him. He’s been awarded housing and has moved into Johnson Towers on Seminole near The Sally. He has a couch, a TV (thanks to Andrew) and some kitchen stuff. He needs a bed, a twin I think, and some company. He had been living in a communal camp environment with about a dozen friends for three years. Sitting on the couch and watching movies by himself will drive him nuts and fast. He has walked back to camp every day so far, just to hangout and see his buddies. I’d rather he left all that behind him but he has nothing else to engage in really. We hope that we can find him a good situation, maybe that he could walk to, about three days a week. If he could get into a pattern, maybe he will stick in housing and stay off the streets for good. Hopes and prayers that it ends that way, In the mean time, congratulations Mack and welcome to the rest of your life as the New Mack!!!