Featured Education Rock Star: Jessica Martin

Jessica Martin graduated from Lee High School last year where she won the “I Dare You” Award given to the kid who outperformed the staff’s expectations.  Jessica has a brother who’s a gymnast and was involved with Lincoln Village Ministry at Chapman Middle and Lincoln School.

This year, she’s the first in her big family to go to college and Julie and I were excited to be able to take her down to Wallace State last Friday.  She has a great roommate from Decatur named Treasure, they are both turning 19 in the next couple of weeks so they already have lots in common.

Jessica is studying to be a dental tech or some other medical kind of career.  She’s a smart, funny young lady and we know she’ll do great.

If you’d like to help out with Jessica just post here and let me know.  I’ll be posting her mailing address when I get it in the next week of two.  I’d be great for you guys to write her a note of encouragement, especially around exams.  She’s by herself and until she met Treasure, didn’t know a single person.

We’re proud of you Jessica!