Cancer resources for a new friend

A friend of a friend was diagnosed with a small OM tumor recently.  They reached out to me since they knew I had the same thing and I tried to provide them with some information.  After I wrote the email I realized that others could benefit from this information so I included the email here on my blog.

If you ever have a question and want an authoritative answer, Renee Zalinsky at Jefferson is amazing.

Renee M. Zalinsky, RN, OCN 
Senior Cancer Care Coordinator
Jefferson Kimmel Cancer Center Network
1015 Chestnut Street, Suite 622
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Direct 215-955-3158
Fax 215-955-1020

The OM Blog is at this address: Subscription information can be found here: I have to warn you about the blog. It’s frequented by amazing wonderful angels and thank God they are in my life. They are however, as a rule, sicker than most and not a good sample of how people live with OM. If you are well, you are not really hanging around the cancer chat room! But, they are amazing and informative and helpful and can answer ANY question you might have, although the answer is often “call Renee!”.

Next is the link to the Will’s Eye Center in Philadelphia. They have lots of good information on their site. Also, this is the link to the OMF Meeting in a few weeks. My wife Julie and I plan on going so we can tell you anything we learn in a few weeks.

Finally, a few books for you:

Same Kind of Different as Me

Heaven is For Real

Crazy Love

I heard you were Christians so this is heavy with Jesus but He’s the Man so….!

Love you guys and thanks for reaching out.

Parting thought. How long would you have to live to have lived a good life? Longer than this I know!!! But still, how long? My father lived to be 74 so that’s what I expected I suppose, if I even recall thinking about it at all. I know people who lived very rich lives, and sadly died in their thirties. And people who are in their 80’s but who are bitter and lost and alone. So, I think we can say that a life is measured by it’s depth, not it’s length. How do you add depth to life? I think it’s through relationships with His children: friends and family, of course, but also others that don’t know me, and maybe don’t know Jesus either. I don’t start with Jesus, neither did He usually, I start with love. Love in the form of genuine interest in life of some stranger. This has led me into homeless camps in Huntsville and into the lives of a 1/2 dozen lost and broken addicts. Me (and a small group of crazy people) do genealogy for them, to connect them to their lost lives, We take them breakfast on Saturdays and give them rides to doctors appointments during the week etc. While there, we connect with them and learn their stories and where they’re from, we sometimes come in contact with their relatives and become a conduit for reunion and communication. Through them, I no longer live my life for myself. I live it (or try to live it) so I am used by Him to do his work. I think that’s what heaven is too, when we get to do that, or something like that, in praise of Him forever. How long will He allow me to do that? I don’t know. It does not really matter to be truthful, but I hope it’s a long time! If not, I KNOW that I have used my time well, showing love for my family and friends but also love for people who ignore my love or even disdain the attention.

Peace and Grace Jeff and Suzanne. I pray healing and comfort and peace for you and your family and friends.