Ace Update from Mike Gordon…

So the Ace man has been released from the hospital to his joy. He thought he was going to be in there the rest of his life. He was released Wednesday afternoon about 4:30. A local organization (The Village Outreach) got him a room at the Brooks Motel initially for a week to give him time to gain his strength and review his options that appear to be few right now, but we will see what the Lord has in mind.

If you should find Ace to be on your heart and want to visit him he would enjoy the company even for a short time. Understand that he still has some word salad going on knowing what he wants to see but the wrong words come out. He does understand everything it’s just his communication he struggles with. Pray fully he will continue to improve each day he has up to this point. The Lord has brought Ace along way from the first day he was in the Hospital from not knowing if he would survive the head injury to being up and walking, talking and out of the hospital.


Fyi…. Ace is 60 years old and an army veteran from the early 70’s

Please continue to lift him up in Prayer as the Holy Spirit brings him to your mind.

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  1. Most people probably heard about this already but in case you have not, Ace is in Pueblo CO with friends after a long bus journey. We thought we’d lost him because he was not on the bus we thought he’d be on when it arrived in Pueblo. We later learnt 🙂 that he had been in the hospital in Pueblo for days before they found his ID and allowed him to call his friend. Anyway, he’s well and where he’s supposed to be, praise God.

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