What Matters Most?

Last Sunday a small group gathered in the entry to Leslie Rhett Crosby's ('83) lovely antebellum home downtown to honor departing Randolph Head of School Byron Hulsey.  As the current Board Chair, I followed the three prior Chairmen in rising to say something about Byron. City Councilman Mark Russell gave Byron a plaque from the … Continue reading What Matters Most?

Ace Update from Mike Gordon…

So the Ace man has been released from the hospital to his joy. He thought he was going to be in there the rest of his life. He was released Wednesday afternoon about 4:30. A local organization (The Village Outreach) got him a room at the Brooks Motel initially for a week to give him … Continue reading Ace Update from Mike Gordon…

Village of Promise article about Village Marketplace

Big thanks to Jennifer Cash for writing such a nice summary of the first Village Marketplace meeting yesterday.  We're off to a great start thanks to partners like Jennifer and VOP.  Check out what Jennifer wrote and you'll be up to speed too!  http://www.villagepromise.com/village-marketplace-council-meets/

Another Update on Ace (from my friend Mike Gordon)

The Ace man update…….. Visit with Ace was the best ever yesterday.  He was all smiles and so pleasant to be around.  He communicated well, but still had the word salad when trying to communicate his thoughts yet better than any other time I had been with him.  Don’t know when, but I noticed yesterday … Continue reading Another Update on Ace (from my friend Mike Gordon)

Cancer Update

It seems so wrong to discuss something as personal as cancer in a place as impersonal as the Internet but you should see what some people put on their blogs!  Anyway, yesterday was good news, more in a string of good news. 16 months after diagnosis, tests still show no evidence of melanoma outside of the … Continue reading Cancer Update

Saturday and some quick updates

Saturday Breakfast continues tomorrow at 8AM at First Pres. We serve at 9AM behind First Stop on Stokes Avenue in West Huntsville. Right now, we need tarps a ton of other stuff, see the Supply list at www.villageoutreach.org. The Village has three new board members, all friends of mine recruited to join our little band. … Continue reading Saturday and some quick updates

Saturday Morning Breakfast – Update

We served breakfast as usual this morning and a couple of things happened that were blog worthy. We've been serving breakfast in the homeless camps for almost three years.  Also, I have had ocular melanoma for almost one year.  Both experiences have been amazing and have informed my life in ways I never could have imagined.  I … Continue reading Saturday Morning Breakfast – Update

A List of Needs from our Friends at First Stop

Paper Plates Forks Spoons Napkins Toilet Paper Paper Towels Much more at this link....  http://firststop206.giving.officelive.com/NeedsList.aspx We have an ongoing, yearly blanket drive, gathering blankets for the homeless in our area. Meal Packs, Hygiene Kits, and Other Needs for Homeless Individuals Meal Pack Pack into a zippered plastic bag: 1 small can of meat (e.g., Vienna sausage, … Continue reading A List of Needs from our Friends at First Stop

Jessica Update

Jessica Martin, college rock star from an earlier post, is now back in Huntsville having left Wallace State after one semester. She did well and transferred credits back to Calhoun Community College. Jessica unfortunately became pregnant soon after going off to college with her boyfriend LeAndre and she has moved home to be closer to … Continue reading Jessica Update

Featured Education Rock Star: Alberto Aguilar, Universidad Anahuac Mayab

Beto is a high tech guru, writes his own blog (http://betoinmerida.wordpress.com) and is a second semester freshman at Universidad Anahuac Mayab in Merida Mexico.  Our group has helped Beto's father Ezequiel with Beto's tuition, but this year we needed to help way less than we expected. Apparently Beto's grades were SO GOOD that they gave him a 50% scholarship … Continue reading Featured Education Rock Star: Alberto Aguilar, Universidad Anahuac Mayab