Downtown Rescue Mission delivers the goods for the poor!

The Downtown Rescue Mission is not really downtown.  It’s actually at the old Westminster Christian Academy campus off of Evangel, near University Drive and Sparkman.  But wherever the place is located, its a big deal.  The campus is large, 80,000+ square feet housing an average of 200 people each night.  They have both…

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Mezza Luna Fund/Friend Raiser a huge success

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the Fund/Friend Raiser last night!!!  We have a great turnout, extended cooperation between local poverty agencies, missions and ministries.  I saw the Village of Promise founder (Bobby Bradley) talking to a Downtown Rescue Mission board member (Scott Martin) and Lincoln Village founder…

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Matt FowlerDecember 17, 2011

Maybe you’ve seen our new bumper stickers around town that say “Please Don’t Feed the Homeless!” If they made you come to our website then they worked as intended!! Welcome!  First we want you to know that we DO NOT want the homeless to be hungry.  Thankfully, in Huntsville, we have very few really hungry homeless people.  There are plenty of missions and churches and food kitchens for people to find food.  But, what we really need is relationships.  If you have any desire to actually get to know someone who lives in a tent under a bridge, not just toss them food from the curb, then we need to know you, and vice versa.

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