Meridian Street

There is a small community in northeast Huntsville called Lincoln Village. 15 years ago a good friend and pastor started a conversation with a little girl who turned into a commitment and lead to a big project called Lincoln Village Preservation Corporation. Today LVPC owns that little girl's house and dozens around it. The place … Continue reading Meridian Street

Lincoln Academy Taking Applications

Who We Are Lincoln Academy is a church school which seeks to provide a high quality Christ-centered education to K-8 students who are zoned to public Title I schools. With the efforts of a devoted administration, faculty and staff, all students receive standards based, data driven instruction in a supportive environment to achieve their maximum … Continue reading Lincoln Academy Taking Applications

Mapathon for Downtown Huntsville

There is a new event coming up in Downtown Huntsville called a Map-a-Thon.  It's a competition put on by Downtown Huntsville, Inc along with several friends and partners, including Solid Earth. Basically we are dividing the city into zones and recruiting teams to build models. Then, we'll score them on several criteria including accuracy and the … Continue reading Mapathon for Downtown Huntsville