Villagemarketplace is closed today.

One of our staff was assaulted while taking her baby into Jackson Way daycare by the child's father. He's psycho and not stable. Pray for healing for all involved, especially this lost and misguided little shit who hurt his baby's momma. Hope he has a looooonnnngg time think about it in the poky. Very soon. … Continue reading Villagemarketplace is closed today.

Marion Wright Edelman, or how to Fix Your Own Truck

So I have lots of conservative friends.  Dyed in the wool Republicans who hunt and fish and love America and barbecue and Bear Bryant as much as they love their mamas.  The idea of accepting a handout to them is about as foreign as sushi.  They are self-sufficient to a fault.  They will fix their … Continue reading Marion Wright Edelman, or how to Fix Your Own Truck

Teach a Kid to Learn

So I am kind of overcommitted in my personal life.  I am a little obsessed with people.  People in general.  I like people.  People are some of my favorite...  oh you get the idea.  So because I love people so much, I find it very distressing that some people don't think they have a chance … Continue reading Teach a Kid to Learn

The Partnership Charter

I will probably write more than one post about this, it was such a meaningful experience. Many things on this blog are personal but this is about Solid Earth. Rewinding way back, my business partner of the last fourteen years, Robert (Bob) Moore, retired in 2008 and left me to run Solid Earth as President … Continue reading The Partnership Charter

Back from Orlando with Spring and a Roadmap

As we all get back to town from the big NAR event in Orlando there is much to do. First we have to rest our feet from walking the 72 miles (+/-) from Rosen North to Rosen South, from the Peabody to the Hilton and that’s not to mention the OCCC; the Orange County Convention Center … Continue reading Back from Orlando with Spring and a Roadmap

Guest Post: Alberto Aguilar

Many things had happen this semester so far. I’m enjoying college every day more and more, but I am no only busy with school, Im also working in church and other extracurricular things. Right now I’m taking many cool subjects in college like data bases and mobile application development, I am working on both iOS … Continue reading Guest Post: Alberto Aguilar